In our fast paced world it really does help to have a daily practice of relaxation and centering our body and mind. Infact I would say its essential for good emotional and physical health to have some sort of relaxation or meditation practice every day.


We are told that there is stillness in the eye of the storm. Everything might be crazy and wild around us and yet when we go to the centre of ourselves it is actually quiet.


As a doctor I saw literally 1000 of people who lives were so busy and stressful and again and again it was clear how this was impacting negatively on their health.


In my life , as a family practitioner or GP, the busier I was the more essential it was for me to take time in my day to stop and do nothing. When I first became aware of the value of stillness 25 years ago I would begin my day with a short meditation that allowed me to find my centre before work.


I also took one hour a day to sit on my lounger and do nothing !


I wouldn’t read or talk on the phone .


I just sat there and luxuriated in doing nothing.


I learnt by trial and error that without this one hour of stillness I wasnt nearly so productive.


The temptation was always there to just finish off a few things at work …to empty my in tray; to ring just one more person but every time I got tempted the rest of the day would end up so much less productive……and I always finished work much later on the days that I didn’t take that time out for myself .


I shared this with some of my busiest patients and at first many of them couldn’t even imagine taking 5 minutes for themselves in the day and soon they too were taking 1/2 hour or even a hour every day . One woman told me that she would stop and sit in a hammock at the bottom or the garden where no one would find her ! It was “her “time….. which she luxuriated in and relished every day.


Why is it that having this time of stillness in our day makes such a difference to the rest of our day ?



Its no surprise that millions and millions of people all around the world have been practicing relaxation and meditation for centuries.


If you practice relaxing daily or meditating daily that stillness starts to filter in the rest of your day and into everything you do.


I encourage you too to just try it. Start with taking some time for you every day for the rest of this week and notice how different you feel .


For those of you who have never meditated before it can be good to give your mind something to focus on. I’ve created several guided relaxation processes ……have a listen …. this might be a good way to start. There are lots of other wonderful guided relaxations out there too……. or have a listen to Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21 day meditations.

For seasoned meditators who have gotten out of the practice of daily meditation have a read of my Daily Habit post. It might help you get back into a daily practice.


Remember , as Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”