Many years ago I went on a training where we studied success.

What is that people do when they are successful at something and what is that they do when they don’t succeed ?

At the time, I was seeing many people in my practice who struggled with weight and it didn’t seem to make any difference what they did, they just couldn’t lose that excess weight.

So I applied this new found theory of success to weight issues and I interviewed people who were overweight and those who had successfully lost weight long term and also those who had never had a weight problem.

I was intrigued to notice certain clear differences – far more than I had ever imagined.

Time and time again I saw that it wasn’t just a matter of calories in and calories out….. it was much more than that.

I started sharing what I had discovered with people in my own practice and was heartened by their results. 

This inspired me to give public talks.  

As a result of the talks many people lost weight but so often after a few weeks or a few months they put the weight back on again. 

What was going on ?

I soon realised that there was far more to this story than was initially apparent.

So I started a six week programme to help provide that missing support – this soon grew into a 12 weeks programme.

Once again some people were successful – some very successful and yet others were not.

I dug deeper and kept asking questions. 

It took me five years of persevering and asking questions to understand the depth and complexity of this weight issue.

Of course there is no magic formula to losing weight but there is always a reason – it’s about taking the time to find out what it is. 

My role is to help you to discover the reason(s) for your weight issue.

  • For one person their thyroid gland might not be functioning properly.
  • For someone else it might be a sugar addiction.
  • For someone else it might be an emotional issue.
  • For someone else it might be many different issues. 

If you have a weight issue, let’s start by talking and then taking some blood tests.

However, I’m not interested in doing just the routine bloods – I’m interested in far more than that.

I want to know if you have thyroid antibodies. I want to know not only if you are iron deficient but also whether you are deficient in any of the other essential minerals, vitamins and building blocks.

I want to understand more about your biochemistry and your gut microbiome as well as exploring with you other reasons – be they emotional or physical. 

In other words I want to assess you from a functional medicine perspective and go deeper. 

One woman whom I worked with started off as a size 26 when she first joined the programme and dropped to a size 18 in just three months. The reason for this was that I did a process with her to break her sugar addiction. Once she was no longer addicted to sugar the excess weight dropped off her. 

I invite you to take the first step and imagine how it would feel being the size and shape that you want to be.