As a GP I was taught that if someone is hypothyroid then it’s simply a matter of giving that person some thyroxine .

Such an approach never felt right – it seemed far too simplistic.

It was only when I discovered and studied functional medicine and was introduced to a different paradigm for helping people find hormonal balance that I found a new way to help people with thyroid issues – a way that made so much more sense to me.

Once again when the red light comes on in the car we stop to find out what is the problem – we don’t cover over the light by merely giving a pill – we look for the root cause. 

The same applies to thyroid issues.  

We are interested in what is really happening and why the person has an under active or over active thyroid. Just giving thyroxine to someone with an under active thyroid without further investigation is once again treating symptoms as opposed to looking for the cause.

This was brought home to me when many years ago, I myself, developed an over active thyroid. It took me a while to work out that it was caused by eating a food that was flavoured with kelp with an excessively high iodine content.

I became hyperthyroid from eating that food – and little did I know it was due to consuming too much iodine. 

Had I not discovered the cause I might have ended up with irreversible damage to my thyroid gland. Instead the remedy was simply to stop eating that food ! 

Another example was of a woman who came to see me with low energy. Her bloods that showed that she was hypothyroid but she had no thyroid antibodies and based on further testing it was clear that she iodine deficient.

I gave her some iodine and within three months her bloods were all back in the optimal range again and she herself was  back to her normal vibrant self. 

However despite these two examples having quite rapid solutions, most people with thyroid issues have Hashimotos – an auto immune condition – resulting in a hypothyroid state.  This also is reversible however it takes time and effort and a desire to look at the root cause. 

Here is an excellent book written by Isabella Wentz – called “Hashimotos Thyroiditis – The Root Cause “.