If you know anything about cars you know that they don’t  run well without good quality fuel. If you are a cook you know that you can’t cook properly without the right ingredients. So too with our bodies .

If we are nutrient depleted our body doesn’t function as well as it would when it has all the right nutrients .

Farmers know this only too well. When a plant or an animal doesn’t look healthy the farmer always asks why and what nutrient(s) they might be missing. 

We know that our soils in New Zealand are depleted of many nutrients especially selenium and zinc. 

When I work with someone I do some blood tests to see how nutrient deficient they might be . If someone is very depleted in a nutrient,  diet alone is not usually adequate to raise their levels fast enough and so I suggest certain nutrients or supplements  This is a crucial part of integrative or functional medicine – addressing nutrient depletion. 

When supplementing it’s crucial to use good quality supplements.  Powders and liquids are usually better absorbed than tablets.  Zinc for example is notoriously difficult to absorb and so I often prescribe zinc picolinate which whilst it is much more expensive than cheaper zincs it has a far superior absorption.

Sometimes I have a small stock of certain supplements like good quality vitamin C , zinc picolinate , trifactor and a few others.

I on sell these to patients not to make money but to provide a service. For this reason I have set up a special account for supplements only. 

It is important that if you buy supplements through me that you know that my mission is for you is to get the best quality supplement for the best possible price. I used to pass on my discounts but I ended up losing money . So my solution has been to add a small mark on most of what I sell in order to cover my costs and if I make any profit on supplements and tests then I give this money to charity.


If you are paying for a supplement please pay separately to your appointment and write you name as reference and supplement as code. 

This is my bank account number specifically for supplements. Thank you .