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Your Good

How to start one new healthy habit that will change so much.

Your Good Habits

Why do those New Year’s resolutions seldom happen? How do we start and continue good habits that enhance our health ?

What is

What is depression and how do you move beyond it?

What is Depression?

In this 2 hour talk we explore a different way to look at depression and how to move beyond it

Insomnia to
Refreshing Sleep

What you need to do to sleep well again.

Insomnia to Refreshing Sleep

Sleep is essential to good health and vitality. It is really helpful to underst some of the simple science of sleep and to re associate bed with being relaxed and good sleep. 

Move Beyond

How to move beyond stress and learn to the art of calm.

Move Beyond Stress

Learn to be calm

Food as medicine and the gut microbiome

The best health insurance is to get your gut right

Be inspired by the importance of our microbiome

When I discovered the gut mirobiome I had to re think medicine – it’s exciting and inspiring – for it empowers us all to take control of our own health again.


How to communicate well in your work and at home.

Transforming Communication

How to communicate well so even in conflict the outcome can be a win-win and your colleagues, family and friends  feel valued and supported.


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“I thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much from Caroline’s workshops. Caroline is a natural presenter. She’s very organised and the day goes so quickly, and you leave feeling uplifted and armed with new knowledge!”
Sue, NZ
“My husband and I attended a course on communication Dr Caroline ran in Nelson, NZ. It has helped us communicate better by actually listening to what the other person is really saying. Has been a great way to actually get to the bottom of things rather than one lose it and the other feel frustrated. Would recommend this workshop to others.”
Jeanie, NZ