Sleep Issues

If you have insomnia I really encourage you to get help to change this. 

Sleeping well is an art – which can be learned or re-learned.

It’s also a habit – one of those good habits that makes such a difference to the quality of our lives. 

Good sleep is one of the four basic pillars of good health. Sort out your sleep and invariably it results in an improvement in all aspects of your life – your health, your relationships and your wellbeing. 

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If you think you have sleep apnoea you might need to go down a more technical route and get a sleep study and for this I suggest you see your GP or a sleep specialist. 

However, if you have insomnia it really helps to dig a bit deeper and to discover the reason why you haven’t been sleeping well.

Let me help you to discover the underlying cause of your insomnia ?

Is it cold feet ?

Is it a busy mind that refuses to switch off  ?

Is it raised cortisol levels ?

Is it anxiety or worry or is it a hormonal problem such as a menopausal issue or a low or high thyroid issue or maybe it’s caused by chronic pain ?

Or is it something else ?

To help people with insomnia I have created The Sleep Kit – which is a series of podcasts helping you to learn or re- learn the art of good sleep. Also I have recorded a bedtime story for you to listen to as part of your pre bedtime relaxation routine – it’s called Storytime and you can listen to a few chapters for free on i tunes or buy all 53 chapters on CD baby (click on the links in orange).

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For those who need 1 on 1 help I do sleep coaching in Nelson or on zoom . Please email me for more information on