Maybe you know that feeling when you weren’t feeling well or when you were recovering from flu or a nasty cold or even a longer illness.

Someone described it to me once as feeling like the train wasn’t running smoothly on the rail tracks. They couldn’t quite get into the flow of life. They felt in a slightly different reality to others as though part of them was in the frame and part of them was out of  it .

Someone else said that it was as if they had been skiing and enjoying the exhilaration of movement and feeling the wind blowing through their hair. Then bang suddenly, out of no where, they fell over and there they were – down on the ground –  feeling battered and bruised and wondering what on earth had happened. One minute in the flow and the next stopped in their tracks !
Of course the question for them was how to get back up again ? Standing up gingerly checking to see if anything was broken, dusting off the snow , nursing their bruises and slowly over the next week or so as their bruises healed so did their confidence and back they were on the high slopes again feeling the wind in their hair once more.

Sometimes I too have ended up with a nasty cold or flu when I had been pushing myself and burning the candle at both ends or when I’ve been too busy to exercise or do my daily meditation or relaxation practice but at other times I have been “ hit” out of the blue without any apparent reason.

Our health is such a precious thing. Sometimes it can feel as strong as can be and then another time it can feel very fragile.

Usually people who looked after themselves are much healthier than those who eat junk food and live in the fast lane – yet sometimes this doesn’t seem to be the case.

I so often see myself in the role of detective, helping people solve the puzzle and sometimes the total mystery of their illness as they navigate their path to health and healing.

The one thing that disease makes most people do though is go back to basics and put in the effort and take the time to eat well, sleep well, exercise, relax and remember what life is really all about.