I now work as an integrative doctor or what our GP college call CAM doctors – this means that I no longer do regular GP funded work – however I can order all the normal funded blood tests available to any other GP.

I work in two locations – in Mapua at Te Ora Health centre and  in Nelson at my own clinic. To book an appointment in my Nelson clinic please email me directly on drcarolinewheeler@gmail.com and to book an appointment at Te Ora on Thursday morning please ring our lovely receptionist – Jess – from 9am -11am Monday to Thursday on 03 928 0922. 

If you are reading this I assume that you know something of what integrative medicine is.

We, as integrative docs, have all trained in orthodox medicine and in my case I had my own GP practice for 14 years in Nelson when I worked as a regular GP,  albeit with a holistic and a mind-body approach . 

However, when I discovered integrative and functional medicine and after many trainings and conferences , I no longer use the 15 minute consult model.  The way we work requires an initial longer consult of 1 to 1.5 hours so that I can understand more of what your issue(s) are.  I still draw on my medical training and I still write prescriptions when needed. However I’m not just interested in the symptoms that you are experiencing , I’m interested in so much more – such as how well you sleep, the health of your gut and much much more.

It takes time to build a picture and to look for the pieces of the puzzle that are missing.  

The first consult is almost always an hour to an hour and a half and follow ups are half an hour to an hour.

Unfortunately , integrative medicine is not yet funded in NZ – hopefully one day it will be!


If you send me previous notes and results prior to your appointment , I normally look at these with you in your first consult .  If however you want me to review your notes prior to your appointment please let me know and please know that there will be a charge for the time taken to do this .

If your case is complex please ensure you book adequate time. 

It is important for you to have your own GP for acute medical and urgent care as well as ACC work and regular GP consults . As an integrative doctor , I no longer provide urgent or acute medical care . In my days of traditional General Practice I would have to interrupt an appointment for an urgent call out , but I do not do this anymore.  This is important for you to know. __________________________________________________

  • Initial New Patient Consultation – 1 hour – $250 
  • Follow up – half hour – $160  
  • Letters, Forms, Medical Certificates  – From $40 – depending on complexity. 
  • Prescription repeats service  $20 or $40 – again the fee depends on if I need to review your script or not. Please let me know your PHARMACY details if to be e mailed. 
  • Cancellations : Please let me know at least 24 hours prior to your consult if you cant make the appointment. A 50% fee is charged for no show.  
  • Additional Fees :  If your case is complex and I need to spend more time on creating a treatment plan for you, there will be a charge for this . However I will discuss this with you in your consult and I will let you know prior. 


Payment :  For anyone seeing me from outside of Nelson , I have a policy of asking you to please pay by internet banking prior to the consult. For those from Nelson , Stoke or Richmond I ask you to please pay after the appointment by internet banking – I will send you these details after the consult. 

For convenience I do sometimes have supplements available for patients to buy from me – this is a service for the initial consult to make it easier for you if you need this. It is important for you to know that I do not make any money on these supplements. I do like to break even and if there is any money left in the supplement account at the end of each year I gift what’s left to charity. The reason why I provide this service is because I would often ask someone to get a certain supplement and they would come back a few weeks later and mention that they had found a similar supplement for half the price in the supermarket but wondered why it wasn’t working. There is a great range of supplements available and it is important to take ones that are of good quality and well absorbed.

Here is my written policy statement on supplements –  link below. This is important for you to know that I encourage you to buy good quality supplements not for any financial gain but because they work better – just like an artist does not use cheap inferior paints ! http://carolinewheeler.co.nz/supplements/