Anyone with an ongoing health problems often needs more support and help to heal. This support can make all the difference to them at such a challenging time.

I used to refer people I was working with to other practitioners – be they psychologists, counsellors or nutritionists but for many what they needed was someone with all these different skills and knowledge – they needed someone with an understanding of their health condition who could guide them in what to eat and what they needed to do on a daily basis to heal.

I couldn’t find that person and in desperation I ended up doing the work myself.

I brought my mindfulness, my NLP ( neurolinguistic training ) and my nutritional and medical knowledge together to support people on their healing journey .

I find this work so useful and so rewarding that I have now set aside time in my week to focus on working specifically in this way.

By being able to spend an hour with someone every week for a month or more can be very beneficial. It’s one thing to know what to do, but putting into practice the new knowledge can often be very challenging.

Take the man who had insomnia for years or the woman with Hashimotos or the boy with Crohns disease – all three of these people once they were given a diagnosis from their doctor were left feeling lost and powerless in their attempt to make the changes needed. For them, health coaching was what enabled them to make the changes and to feel more in control.

I now work at Mapua health centre and have just started working at Wellness Movement in Nelson city Monday to Wednesday. 

If you would like to work with me please contact me by email