Bone Health, Nutrition and Digestion

Saturday, 18th September, 1-4pm …..please book by emailing Becca – details below.    

  • Explore how food choices, nutrient intake and digestive strength affects the quality of your bone as well as your bone density. 

  • Learn about the gut-brain connection and the importance of relaxation techniques for the vagus nerve and the relaxation response.   

  • Experience a core strength exercise for digestive health and to build protection from stress fractures

  • Workshop includes practical experiences and take away support

$50  pre-paid

ZOOM link will be sent upon registration



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Swami Karma Karuna is a highly experienced yoga and meditation teacher, inspirational speaker, writer and IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist with 30 years of experience. Karuna specializes in a range or areas including restorative and therapeutic practices, breathing techniques, yoga psychology and women’s health. She is also a co-founder and director of Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand and leads workshops, trains yoga teachers and health professionals, presents at international events and offers therapeutic one-to-one yoga sessions in person or online.

Dr. Caroline Wheeler is a functional medicine doctor working in Nelson and Mapua. Her focus is on finding and treating the root cause of dis-ease rather than elimination of symptoms. For the last few years she has been doing a deep dive into the causes of osteoporosis and how to reverse this condition naturally with lifestyle changes, nutrition, yoga and exercise and depending on severity adding in medication with the least possible side effects. In this exploration she came across the fascinating work of psychiatrist Dr Loren Fishman and his use of yoga to improve bone strength.