I no longer treat problems or symptoms – instead I ” treat ” people.

I do this by supporting my patients to find their health, their wellness and their wellbeing.


For fourteen years I ran my own general practice in Nelson with a focus on holistic health.

I was fascinated by the connection of body, mind and spirit and how to use  the power of our minds to heal –  both on a conscious and a sub conscious level. 

However even with that holistic, body-mind and team approach, I was seeing an increasing number of people with



chronic diseases especially thyroid conditions for which I was finding no satisfactory answers.

To me it had always been intuitively wrong to merely give someone thyroxine for a low thyroid condition – it felt like I was missing something – I just didn’t know what.

It wasn’t just thyroid problems – for so many people with other chronic conditions the story was the same – I was not finding satisfactory answers.

So I sold my practice and set off on a quest which would take me around the world searching for answers. Eventually after several years, I came back full circle to New Zealand where I re-discovered integrative medicine and the gut microbiome.

It was then that everything clicked into place – I had found the missing pieces that I had been looking for.

jigsaw puzzle

I then went to training after training and conference after conference in my mission to learn something of this new field of medicine.

I was hooked.

Now when I see someone, especially with a chronic disease, I have so many more tools at my disposal. The results with this approach to medicine are both exciting and rewarding and they continue to inspire me to keep learning more.

This is the kind of medicine that I love to practice.

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