The black dog as some people call depression comes in many different forms.

Ranging from mild to moderate to severe.

It is a hideous condition for so many people …..both those who experience it and those who live with and love someone who suffers from it.

As a woman doctor I saw , literally , thousands of people with depression of different severities and different types.

For years I worked within the traditional orthodox model trying to help my patients . Trying to ease their suffering. Every time a new psychologist or psychiatrist came to town talking about their approach to helping people with depression I would eagerly go along to the talk hoping to learn something new. A new way . A new approach. A new angle.

They all helped a little..

However it wasnt until I went on a training where we studied success that I started beginning to be able to help people at whole different level. What does someone do when they recover from depression ? What happens in their mind, body and spirit ? I started seeing patterns . Common threads. I was intrigued. I started sharing these new discoveries with people who saw me which exciting results. People were shifting state so much faster than they did in the old model of antidepressants and psychotherapy.

It was amazing for me to see such dramatic changes in people who would have taken years to recover in the traditional orthodox approach.

These results spurred me on. I continued to train more. I travelled the world looking for more answers to not just the question of happiness but also to health and wellbeing at all levels.

I became an NLP trainer (neurolinguistic programming, one definition being the study of success).

I studied focusing and hypnosis.

I went to conferences around the world.

I listened to the Dalai Lama speak, sharing his wisdom and insight into this problem of depression in our modern world.

Every time I got a new skill in my tool box the people I saw seemed to “heal” so much faster. It was like the more I studied the faster I could guide people out of the darkness of depression.

I continued to travel the world going to conferences and devouring books about different approaches. I was intrigued by positive psychology and “textbooks” such as Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligmann.

Positive psychology says instead of looking at the dis-eased state why don’t we focus on what we want to create ?

And then I discovered mindfulness. Of course I had already heard about the mindful approach. Im a fan of the Dalai Lama. Ive attended kindergarden Buddhist classes. Ive listened enraptured by Thich Nhat Huhn.

I have meditated for many years myself and experience the benefits of a daily practice . However experiencing mindfulness was a whole different ball game. It felt like the icing on the cake ! It seemed to encapsulate all that Id learnt so far. Going on retreat embodying this mindful approach took me to deeper levels within myself.

So , now , it is time for me to share this with you….this approach is a path to depth , to wellness , to happiness and to wellbeing.