Since I have been practicing medicine from an integrative perspective – I’m asked time and time again what is the difference to orthodox medicine. I’ve chosen a few example below to explain this different approach. Please note this is just a small selection of the work that I do.


we must stop focusing on getting rid of symptoms but instead focus on how to feel the way we want to feel
helping you to discover your own unique path to inner calm Read More


We have to think differently about disease.....

We need to ask the question WHY . Read More


Good sleep is crucial for good health. What do we need to change for our sleep to be deep and restorative ?
What do you need to do differently in order to sleep well Read More


How to balance your thyroid

Why is hypothyroidism so common and what is the answer to your thyroid problem… Read More


let's start with your gut...
how would it feel to be this new weight? Read More


eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea
please don’t just treat the symptoms – let’s treat the cause… Read More


as you listen to this simple bedtime story - your mind focuses on my voice instead of the worried or busy thoughts in your own mind
– this can enable you to slow down your mind – relax and have a deep restorative sleep Read More
“When I first met Caroline, I was at one of the lowest points of my life. She guided and supported me to find the path through it and regain my health and happiness. She is the best doctor and body-mind coach that I have ever met and I will be eternally grateful for having met her and the support that she gave me.”
Sophie, NZ
“Dr Caroline Wheeler has helped our 13 year old daughter to recover completely from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder with only one NLP session. With her broad knowledge in general and integrative medicine she straight away made the right diagnosis and treatment plan after months of unsuccessful symptom treatments. Our daughter loved Caroline’s calming and caring approach during the NLP session. I am so grateful to Caroline that our daughter is healthy, happy and confident again. I highly recommend her life changing work.”
Karin, NZ
“Dr Caroline is an inspiration. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her wisdom is profound. She is able to condense her message into a mantra that stays with you as a gentle guide to stay on the healing path.”
Shelagh, NZ